Clipgenerator™ ENTERPRISE

Clipgenerator™ SimpleIMMO

New communication channels for real estate agents in Web 2.0 offer automated creation of real estate videos from the agent’s object data through simpleIMMO.
Create professional video clips for your customers from existing object photos and object data from your software by Lagler, Flowfact, TeamProQ, OnOffice, Fio and others.

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Clipgenerator™ SimpleCOMMERCE

Individual video clips for e-commerce and online shops make the purchasing processes more emotional and establish a personal customer relationship. In addition to the added value that you offer your customers, you will demonstrably increase conversion rates and optimize search machine marketing without additional costs.

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Clipgenerator™ SimpleCAR

The new generation of videos is no longer static but dynamic. With Trivid’s patented video technology, professional videos can be automatically generated from car ads. In addition to the individual images of the cars and descriptions, it’s even possible to add driving sounds to the video.

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Clipgenerator™ SimpleTOURISMUS

Today hotels, tour operators and tourism portals must be able to respond almost on a day-to-day basis – and users must be able to find them on the Internet right away. And that’s not a problem with the professional videos by Clipgenerator™ that are produced in real time. By creating current videos you will not only show that you take your customers’ wishes seriously but you will also operate active SEO marketing without additional costs.

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Clipgenerator™ SimpleAPI

Automate your internal processes and design your videos online in the most efficient way, fully automatic and reliable. With Clipgenerator’s user-friendly interface from Trivid, bring your product identity to life by accentuating products and services through the perfect music. Save money, free up space on your computer and bring your productivity up to a new level online.

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Clipgenerator™ SimpleFTP

Connect your FTP server directly to Clipgenerator and profit from additional connections through the Simple API package. Create successful videos quickly and hassle-free with Trivid’s Interface Manager.

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